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Everything You Should Know About QuickBooks Point of Sale

Although the market seem to be full of point of sale products and accounting software claiming to be full of features for the comfort of users, QuickBooks is perhaps the only one leading the way. Business organizations, brands, and individual professionals use QuickBooks to manage their accounts and transactions with ease. But haven’t you ever thought what is so special in QuickBooks that everyone is and wants to use the accounting software? Why is QuickBooks Point of sale the best option in the evolving market where new point of sale products keep on coming up? There are only a handful of systems allowing users to get more work done in lesser time along with the capacity to reduce errors for an effortless experience. In this article, we shall discover some of the unique features and functionalities of the popular software we know as QuickBooks Point of Sale. The idea is to help you understand why QB point of sale is the leading software and how it can be a good buy for you.

Integrated Features

QuickBooks is touted for its state-of-the-art features in their bookkeeping software and designs their products to work both collectively as well as individually. However, there are certain features and functions that work only if you use multiple QB products together. QuickBooks point of sale software, when used along the QB Bookkeeping software can work wonders! The combo of these two software can help users get rid of a lot of busy work including some time-consuming tasks as well as peripheral jobs, especially for businesses.

The combination of QuickBooks point of sale software and bookkeeping software brings multiple benefits for the users. Firstly, it brings various payroll support tools to make the job easier for the users. Secondly, all the tasks performed becomes more efficient including calculating commission bonuses, hourly pays, overtime pays, etc. The automated steps helps make the user’s work a lot smoother and easier than otherwise. And the fact that a lot many errors are reduced with the integration of QuickBooks point of sale and the bookkeeping software adds on to the perks to the user’s finances.

Error Reduction

This is, perhaps, one of the most useful benefits of QuickBooks point of sale software for any type of business. The reason why this stands true is pretty simple:

Working on the register is too slow to handle, and often a burden on your staff. Also, too much work load on your cashier leads to dissatisfied customers, despite offering customer service. All of this adds additional stress not only on the staff but also on the organization as a whole. And the more the stress, more will be the errors in your work. QuickBooks point of sale software is a way out of all this mess.

The QuickBooks POS help you reduce these issues and prevent later consequences which may add on to become something major! Navigating checkout processes becomes a piece of cake for the cashier thanks to the intuitive software interface. Not just that, the amazing features of QuickBooks point of sale software helps you to avoid much of the repeated works and accidental loss of data. Employees are able to make accurate records as well as improve speed which ultimately leads to better productivity for the organization with the help of QB POS software.

Customer Service Features

Businesses require customer service features irrespective of they having a large store front desk for customer complaints or not. Because customers don’t generally visit the front desk, they prefer to have a direct communication with the cashier instead. Which also means that you cannot push them to the separate complaints desk to avoid negative experience to the clients. So for the cashier to work more effectively and handle customer complaints more efficiently, QuickBooks Point of sale helps to a great extent as it gives them access to complete information.

The instant access to inventory and other information allows cashier to handle complaints and queries with confidence while saving the time they would spend on finding out the answer otherwise. All these powerful features of the QB POS software makes your cashiers strong customer service representatives while having ability to manage product returns/exchange, handle discounts, offer gift receipts or a store credit, and the like.


There are only a handful of businesses which can afford to assign one task to one employee at a time. In general, businesses (especially the small-scale organizations) assign multiple tasks to every employee. So, each employee has several roles to play in the organization. And if you get a manager to put your multi-tasking skills to test, feel yourself to be very unfortunate.

The manager, himself, has to handle multiple tasks together other than just arranging new displays. Creating sales for the coming week using the POS software is an added work on the manager. That’s where the use of QuickBooks point of sale software comes in to save the manager from his job. The QB POS support multi-tasking which allows manager to complete multiple functions without leaving the register with the help of essential tools available in the software.

The multi-tasking feature enables the user to switch between multiple features without losing onto any work or task assigned with ease.

The above features and functions are reason enough to help you understand why QuickBooks Point of sale software is a perfect fit for you. Make better books and save money with the amazing features available with the QB POS software.

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