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What should you do if QuickBooks File Doctor Stops Working?

Intuit has made available a tool to its users that enables them to repair negligible errors and bugs. This tool is known as the QuickBooks File Doctor. However, it may happen that the QuickBooks File Doctor ceases to work. In such instances, if your QuickBooks accounting software starts misbehaving, crashes or hangs up, what should users do? It is clear that QuickBooks is majorly utilized by moderate size enterprises for the management and documentation of their accounting and financial transactions. Those who have been using QuickBooks even for a considerable amount of time may or may not necessarily be aware of the QuickBooks File Doctor application.

QuickBooks File Doctor is essentially another software application that was first embedded with the QuickBooks 2014 R4 as well as upper renditions of the software. This application maintains as well as repairs all the files and data. Besides that, it also assists in the diagnosis and repair for glitches related to network on your computer. Those who use QuickBooks on a frequent interim should be aware of the QuickBooks File doctor application as it a quite helpful tool.

Considering the fact that it can troubleshoot many of the commonly occurring errors in the QuickBooks accounting application, opting for a QuickBooks File Doctor download is a prudent decision. However, if the application ceases to work, it is natural for users to go clueless. Further, assume that you have encountered an error with QuickBooks and as you propel the QuickBooks File Doctor Application, it crashes or doesn’t launch at all. In such a case your option of QuickBooks File Doctor download would seem in vain. You will be glad to know that there are options following which the captioned glitch can be tackled.

Launching the QuickBooks File Doctor Application Manually:

Once you do the QuickBooks File Doctor download, in majority of the instances the application will likely launch automatically. However, in instances where it ceases to work or freezes, the users can possibly start the application manually. Mentioned as follows are the steps to do so:

1) Once you boot QuickBooks, you will have to wait for the software to display the screen where it says ‘No Company Open’.

2) Select FILE > Utilities> Repair File and Network Problems. A dialog box will be displayed on the screen.

3) Click on OK. The QuickBooks file doctor application will be started with administrator rights.

4) When the dialog box appears, select YES.

5) Select the wrench icon. This will open QuickBooks File Doctor. Click next on CONTINUE.

6) Fill in the user credentials and log in. This will prompt QuickBooks File Doctor to initiate FILE REPAIR.

7) Now access the ADVANCED SETTINGS option, click on FILE DIAGNOSIS ONLY’.

8) Select NEXT

9) On receiving a notification, you can check for any glitches by opening your file.

Error – ‘File Doctor not working

It is very rare that the QuickBooks “File Doctor Not Working” error occurs where application is reported to freeze when the repair process is going on. The chances of this error occurring depends a great deal on the size of the company file that is getting repaired and if the is positioned on the local network. If you face a situation as such, it is indicative of the fact the QBW file has crashed. Hence, if you wish to resolve the File Doctor Not Working error, it is necessary to repair the QBW file.

Resolving the QuickBooks “File doctor not working” error.

In order to resolve the error, either of the following procedures shall be performed:

Restore backup of the file that has been damaged

By doing so, the damaged file will be replaced with the backup file which has been saved:

1) Start QuickBooks. Select FILE > OPEN OR RESTORE COMPANY


3) Click NEXT

4) Under the drop – down menu option of LOOK – IN, Access the location where the Back – UP file has been stored.

5) Select the file with .QBB extension. Select OPEN now. Select NEXT

6) Access the drop down option of SAVE IN. Browse and select the location where you wish to store the back – up file.

7) Name the file in the FILE NAME space.

8) Click on SAVE.

In case following these steps doesn’t help, you can follow the next troubleshooting process:

Recover data by utilizing the Auto Data Recovery feature

Following a few hours, post the creation of file, the Auto Data Recovery feature of QuickBooks initiates file examination. Once it is ascertained that the file is indeed in a good condition and has no errors, the copy of the backup file is stored inside of the ADR folder. The ADR will backup the files every 12 hours given the QuickBooks application is open.

The file that has now been restored is new and the older file (backup) will be stored as “OLD”. For each file, only a single OLD copy is stored. This allows you to have two file backups: one file gets updated every 12 hours and the other one at 24 hours.

The files that are backed up are usually meant for the support agents in the customer care team of QuickBooks. With the help of this file, they help you in restoring the data. However, there is a possibility to restore data on your own. In any case, the best option is to contact Intuit QuickBooks support services for help.

Touch base with the Customer Support:

In case none of the above resolutions work out in the favor of re – launching the QuickBooks File Doctor application, it will be prudent to seek the assistance of experts. Mentioned below is the procedure to touch base with the support team at Intuit:

1) Logon to https://help.quickbooks.intuit.com/en_US/contact

2) Select the QuickBooks rendition and product.

3) On the page of Contact US, select Solving Issues and Error Messages.

4) If the problem is not listed, select “GET PHONE NUMBER”. Dial and contact a support agent.

Lest you are at a risk of losing up some really crucial financial data, the resolutions provided above are ideal to deal with the captioned error. If you fear losing data, it is advised to contact the support team.

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